Byzantine Choir M.C.L.

The Byzantine Choir of the Contemporary Conservatory of Larissa was founded in 2016 by the professor of Byzantine music Alexandros Konstantinos and students of the Contemporary Conservatory of Larissa having in common the love for Byzantine music. Although newly formed, the choir has taken part in a concert of religious music at the Schools of Mary N. Raptos in 2016, at the Christmas concert of SOL at the Municipal Conservatory of Larissa, in Agios Achillios on the occasion of the hospitality of Timios Xylos by I. . Xenophon of Mount Athos, receiving favorable reviews and comments. The aim of the choir is to transmit the love to all and more people for religious music through hymns and praises of our church.

The head of the Byzantine Dance is Professor Alexandros Konstantinou.